The Cosmic Frequency

Episode am2 | Published 07/07/2011 15:33
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Before the likes of Skype and Twitter, curious people built and operated amateur ‘ham’ radios in order to connect with other curious people around the world.

The Cosmic Frequency tells the story of Maggie Iaquinto, an American-born Australian who forged a unique relationship with the Russian cosmonauts aboard the space station Mir.

Story: Jessie Borrelle
Voice: Jessie Borrelle, Maggie Iaquinto, Benjamin Iaquinto. [source recordings feature: Musa Manarov, Sergei Krikalyov and Viktor Afanasiyev.]
Illustration: We Buy Your Kids
Sound design: Jon Tjhia

Produced by Jessie Borrelle, engineered by Jon Tjhia. Incorporates excerpts of original music by ii (Alex Nosek and Jon Tjhia) and the theremin of Ayumu Haitani.
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