Ho ho oh? A Paper Radio Christmas special!

News | Published 19/12/2014 02:58

Only because we’re self-respecting noise makers, we have released a Christmas album. Radio story, actually. And what better way to hear it than live on air on Sunday 22 December on Auntie (she needs a little care and attention after a difficult year with Tony and Joe. Terrible note to end a sentence with. Onward!).

Christmas bonus! Listen live this Sunday on ABC Radio National!

As you may know, surviving a trip to a shopping complex can challenge even the most agile and patient of humans – and that’s on an average day. Imagine, then, the festive suffering of those brave souls stuck beneath fat suits, writhing children and flashing cameras – the shopping mall Santas.

Writer and and one-time Santa Eric Yoshiaki Dando takes you behind the tinsel to find out what it means to be everyone’s favourite man in red.

Still not moved? NZ’s best Grayson Gilmour designed some epic sound for the story. Don’t be an egg nog – listen live on Radiotonic this Sunday at approximately exactly 3:05pm!


A heap of other podcasts

Our idea of a heap, anyway. Pop over to these pages to get a dose of hypotheticalism, the bibliophilic sounds of silence and a little hesitation. And for the year that has brought us a little bit of everything, we thank you.

Jessie and Jon, aka Paper Radio.

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