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News | Published 05/10/2012 07:00

You know how it is: the sun’s coming out more, the breeze is blowing through your house and, for laziness or pollen, you want to shut your eyelids and have someone tell you a good story.

Your remedy’s a-brewing. In fact: it’s cooling on the stove.

Tune in this weekend

We had a wonderful (if slightly nerve-wracking) time presenting a new story at The Radio Hour last month during the Melbourne Writers’ Festival, and being told stories by others too; it was definitely a special night. From today, you can listen to part one of the live recording over at Radio National 360documentaries’ site. It features your host Jaye Kranz (and her hilarious, offbeat phone conversations about a mysterious sum of money), Pico Iyer‘s Cuba and a glimpse at the womb with Chloe Hooper. And, of course, there’s yours truly, spending some time exploring the world through deaf eyes.


Photo of Paper Radio performing live

Performing live at The Radio Hour


In 360documentaries’ words:

“This was a first-of-its-kind event for the Melbourne Writers Festival. Over 250 people filed into the Fairfax Theatre for a moving and memorable night of documentary radio like it’s never been seen before. Stories on the theme Do You Read Me were narrated live, with live musical scoring, and the kind of visual wonder that rarely comes with a ripping radio yarn.”

If you’re around the wireless on Sunday, you can tune in to Radio National and hear the episode in glorious AM tone from 10am. Whichever way you listen, remember to do the same next week, for part two. And if you have something nice to say about our story or any of the others, please do leave a comment on Radio National’s website and let them know. It does make a difference.

Finally – if the live thing isn’t quite your speed, we’ll be uploading a studio version to our podcast in the next couple of weeks.

Paper Radio meets Graphic Sydney

You’d think that all the stage fright would have scared us back to the studio for life, but alas: we’re doing it again. Jon’s preparing a new non-fiction piece to be delivered live on stage – in collaboration with Lachlan Conn (memory jog) – for Radio with Pictures. (It being graphic and all, you’ll probably need to open your eyes for this one.)

It takes place at the Studio, Sydney Opera House, from 3:30pm on Sunday November 11, with a lineup including Lawrence Leung, Nina Las Vegas, Courtney Collins, Anna Barnes, John Birmingham and All The Best – plus illustrators Biddy Maroney (another memory jog), Georgia Perry, Sara Drake, Leigh Rigozzi, Matt Taylor, Matt Huynh and more. It’s presented by Graphic and FBi Radio. Tickets are on sale now.


We have other exciting projects on the way, which we’ll tell you more about soon, and right now Jessie is in the midst of exploring radio at the Third Coast Conference in Chicago. And as always, if you have a great story that needs to be told, we’d love to hear from you!

Until soon, thanks for your ear – and all the very best.

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