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News | Published 09/08/2014 16:24

Being the moderately sociable people that we are, we’ve gotten ourselves entangled with Melbourne Writers Festival again. Shall we sub-head? Yes, we shall:


Sound stories (aka ‘sensing a theme here?’)

WTF: Jon will be hosting Benjamen Walker (as above, the very same) as he presents his seminar/masterclass/didactic-life-highlight on Sound stories.

WHEN: Friday 22 August, 12pm at the Wheeler Centre.


Sound is the new story

WTF: Catch Jessie in discussion with Miyuki Jokiranta (Soundproof), Benjamen Walker (Theory of Everything/Too Much Information) and host Vanessa Toholka (Byte Into IT … and Jon’s mum’s friend’s daughter) about how and if Sound is the new story.

WHEN:  Saturday 23 August, 2.30pm at Deakin Edge.


Your words, not mine

WTF: For the inaugural unfurling of Lit Hop Melbourne, we’re inventing the best karaoke you’ve never been to – radio karaoke. Your words, not mine showcases some great short features, with a twist! Actually, it’s not a twist because we just said ‘karaoke’, thank you for paying attention.

Throw your hat (name) into the ring (hat) and perform the radio piece of your choosing. Discover new stories, and take home a menu to hear more.

WHEN: Sunday 31 August. We’re stop three, from 4pm at Loop Bar.

AND: How’s this for a shit hot dealBook with the promo code LITHOPLOVE to receive 2 for 1 passes to the entire Lit Hop day.


Banner image: MWF


That podcast we make

Bells, whistles and missiles aside, we have actually been making new work, too. You’ll see our latest episode, Noise to a minimum, appearing alongside our last – Toby Fehily’s The Isolation-Solitude-Confinement-Happiness-Freedom Domain – in your podcast feed (AM) this weekend. Tell your enemies!


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