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News | Published 23/05/2011 03:54

Hi. How are you? We’re pretty, pretty good. This is why:

We were lucky enough to work with Tom Cho on our latest Australian FM episode ‘The Sound of Music’. We were also lucky to secure the talents of Marc Martin; you can blame him for the incredible illustration.  If you’d like to listen to it, well, it’s waiting for you right next door, here.

On Thursday the May 26, the 2011 Emerging Writers’ Festival begins with the not-to-be-missed-unless-you-have-a-very-good-reason-for-instance-you-are-trapped-in-a-hot-air-balloon-or-on-a-date-with-Jeff-Goldblum First Word.

It looks good. Go to there. Paper Radio producers, Jessie Borrelle and Jon Tjhia, are also presenting a workshop revealing how to create your own literary podcast, as part of the Festival, on Saturday June 4. You can book a place in it here.

Our next episode will be the second installment from NZ writer Thomasin Sleigh, as part of her Weather series, boasting sound design by Miyuki Jokiranta and illustration from Ned Wenlock. After that we have The Cosmic Frequency, a documentary about Maggie Iaquinto, an amateur radio operator who forged a bond with the cosmonauts on Mir in the early 1990s. We Buy Your Kids are creating the album artwork with sound design from our own magnificent Jon Tjhia.

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