Paper Radio launches

News | Published 25/04/2010 07:36

After mountainous hours of pixel shifting and finger tapping – and countless more wrestling sound waves – we are extremely relieved and excited to announce that Paper Radio has now arrived. For those of you visiting for the first time we should explain that Paper Radio is a sonic interpretation of the unique culture of Australasia – in the shape of a podcast.

The first episode from the FM (fiction) channel, Chris Somerville’s The Drowning Man, is the story of an aloof teacher whose life is defined and dominated by the irascible temperament of water. In our next edition, a documentary for the AM (non-fiction) channel, Georgia Moodie rewinds to the 1920s and tails the experiences of the first African American jazz musicians to tour Australia.

The near future holds audio productions from Rachel O’Neill, Benjamin Law and Thomasin Sleigh. We publish monthly, or if we’re having a good spell, a little more often.

You can subscribe to the podcast and join the mailing list if you want to stay tuned in. Who can resist a broadcast metaphor?

Jessie Borrelle and Jon Tjhia
Executive Producers / Paper Radio

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