Literature is the best medicine

News | Published 07/02/2013 10:54

We’re chuffed.

Estelle Tang, our esteemed editorial advisor, has been entrusted with all of your brains.

The newly opened School of Life Australia has wisely taken her on as an in-house bibliotherapist.

Estelle Tang

Estelle Tang, Bibliotherapist

As such, she’ll be peering into your minds and recommending books to treat any literary (and some literal) conditions you may be experiencing.

To heal a general, nameless malaise, you can find Estelle already recommending placebo books over at 3000books.

And don’t worry: while there’s no book that can dampen our pride for her latest accomplishment, Estelle’s already prescribed us a handful of books to ease the symptoms of our jealousy.

Now off with you, make an appointment to see our two-legged bibliopedia!

Woo Tang!

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