News | Published 05/06/2014 04:00

We’ve got new work! Take a preview of our newest story – The Isolation Happiness Confinement Solitude Freedom Domain, written by Toby Fehily – at the website of new RN program Radiotonic. Or sit tight and subscribe to our podcast, where it’ll appear on your device (with its gorgeous artwork, thanks to Eirian Chapman) next Sunday.

Picture: amazing waves.

Additive synthesis: in service of Paper Radio!

If you’re in Melbourne, find us at the Emerging Writers’ Festival tonight. Jon will be chairing a discussion between RN Soundproof’s Miyuki Jokiranta, All the Best/The Rereaders’ Jess O’Callaghan and radio writin’ author/poet/brainiac Aden Rolfe. Book here.

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