The Paper Radio Production Hiccup Forecast™

News | Published 12/06/2010 14:11

The Paper Radio Production Hiccup Forecast™ has been a little inaccurate over the last few weeks, as you may have noticed. Our first podcast for our AM (non-fiction) channel, originally slated for publication in late May, is still in our hot little hands and we are itching to hoist it onto the internet for you — so stick with us, it shouldn’t be too long now. And, we swear, it’s worth the wait. Nimble Brisbane-based writer Benjamin Law has queue-jumped the AM schedule and our next podcast is a production of an extract from his cult-worthy debut book The Family Law.

May was a distracting and temperate month. As the knitters sharpened their needles, and mothballs were outed, we were busy pitching our pitch and podcasting about podcasts for the Emerging Writer’s Festival. The New Yorker happened upon our first episode, which resulted in a day of bashfully punching the air and feeling lucky. The Literary Platform appeared and boy do they know how to show off projects that marry literature and technology. We also spoke to the kids over at Last Magazine in New York, New York, who posted a precis of the project, in which it was controversially stated that one of the Paper Radio team has a ‘good face for radio’.

Thank you to everyone who has supported, listened to and passed by the website in the past six weeks. It takes us some time to wrestle paper into a radio, and we really appreciate your patience.

Don’t touch that dial browser. We’ll be back in a tick.

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