Toby should write this..

News | Published 25/02/2013 04:23

…because if he wrote it, it would be littered with good prose, and it would be porous and delightful.

The Toby we speak of is Toby Fehily. Sometimes we call him Tony.

Toby is a freelance writer. He wrote this, which we couldn’t stop reading, and now we never want to go to French Island, we just want to go to Toby’s article.

And guess what else? Toby is our Editorial and Communications Coordinator. 

This is what the view from his Paper Radio window looks like:










Toby makes us faster, better, fitter and more productive, he mans our editorial process, is streamlining our communications and sometimes he dabbles with our social media.

Toby is “Alive. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week“. We just cut & pasted that from his Twitter, which is where you follow him and get familiar with the dimensions of his bright young mind.

We’re really excited to have Toby at the helm of our podcast.

You can visit his LiveJournal here. But open it in another tab, so you can still listen to one of our episodes.


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